How to Train for American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb

climb for airTrain for a Climb

A climb event is a great way to challenge yourself—whether your goal is just to reach the top or to be the first to cross the finish line—you will walk away with a newfound respect for your lungs!

Tip 1: Work on increasing your aerobic capacity.

The key to dominating all 30 floors is making sure your body is up for the task. Think of getting to the top being the same as running a mile and a half without stopping. If you’re currently able to last through a mile and a half of running, your body is capable of rocking it all the way to the top.

Tip 2: Strengthen your legs

Your legs are the primary movers for climbing the stairs? Glutes (yes, your butt), quads, and hamstrings. The stronger these three muscle groups are, the easier it will seem to fly up the stairs. How do you strengthen these? Squats, lunges, and leg extensions. This will strengthen these muscles, and help increase your aerobic capacity.

Tip 3: Climb stairs

Every building has stairs, so take advantage of it! Try going up and down a set of stairs (multiple floors or a single flight of stars) for 5 minutes straight. Rest 2-3 minutes, and go for it again. This will help your body adapt to the stair climbing movement and increase your aerobic capacity.